Finalists announced - 2018 Media Award

Friday 2 November 2018

The media continues to make valuable contributions to human rights, equality and inclusion in Australia.

Judges spent weeks going through more than 60 nominations from around the country and have revealed their five finalists for the 2018 Human Rights Awards’ Media Award category.

Bronwyn Adcock, The Monthly
Sick on the inside
Bronwyn Adcock’s investigation for The Monthly focused on the link between deaths in custody and inadequate mental health support in prisons. It revealed a system struggling to meet the needs of people with significant mental health issues, at times leading to tragic and avoidable deaths.

You Can't Ask That - Survivors of Sexual Assault
In this compelling episode of ABC’s You Can’t Ask That series, survivors of different ages, genders and backgrounds spoke candidly about their experiences of sexual assault. The program provided a powerful rebuttal to many of the common myths about sexual assault, as well as highlighting the strength and resilience of survivors.

Gina Rushton, Buzzfeed
Coverage of abortion law reform and related issues
Gina Rushton produced an informative and engaging series of articles for Buzzfeed about access to abortion in Australia. Her articles highlighted the challenges faced by Australian women seeking access to abortion and dispelled common myths about reproductive rights.

Guilty of being stolen
This NITV investigation revealed that many children taken into state care — including Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families — acquired a criminal record as a result. These ‘offences’ could count against them later in life, with potentially serious consequences. Following the investigation, the Victorian Government announced that it would seek to expunge these supposed ‘offences’.

ABC and Northern Pictures
Employable Me
This documentary series from ABC and Northern Pictures followed nine people with disability as they searched for employment. The series brought to life not only the barriers they faced, but also the unique skills and talents that they can bring to the workplace and the important role and responsibility employers have in providing inclusive and supportive environments.


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