Television finalists - Top left: Four corners, Bottom left: Innocence Betrayed, Living with the Enemy, Utopia
Television - Top left: Four corners, Bottom: Innocence Betrayed, Jenni Walters/Morteza Poorvadi (Living with the Enemy), Utopia

The Television Award is awarded for a TV drama, news or current affairs program or documentary broadcast in Australia.

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The finalists for 2014 are:

Geoff Thompson, Karen Michelmore, Anne Worthington, Patricia Drum and Connie Agius, The Manus Solution, Four Corners, ABC TV. This program relies on witness testimony to investigate the February 2013 death of Manus Island detainee, Reza Berati and to illuminate the so-called “Manus Solution”. The program’s revelations were subsequently corroborated by a Government-commissioned inquiry.

Tim Toni, Carly Schmidt, Dora Weekley, David Grusovin and David Forster, Living with the Enemy, SBS Australia. This six-part documentary explores social and cultural conflict within Australian society. Key issues were explored by asking individuals with different ideologies and lifestyles to coexist in domestic and workplace environments.

Larissa Behrendt (Director), Craig Longman, Jason De Santolo and Fabio Cavadini (Co-producers), Innocence Betrayed, NITV. Innocence Betrayed focuses on the failure of the NSW legal system in providing justice to the families of three Aboriginal children from Bowraville, murdered over 23 years ago.

John Pilger, Chris Graham, Paddy Gibson and Amy McQuire, Utopia, SBS Australia. Utopia investigates Aboriginal poverty and the ongoing mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It highlights the Australian silence that surrounds these issues.