Logos of the Community Organisation 2014 finalists
Community Award - Organisation Finalists

The Community Award – Organisation is awarded to a not-for-profit community-based organisation with a track record in promoting and advancing human rights in the Australian community.

The shortlisted community organisations are:

  • Settlement Services International: a not-for-profit organisation that provides resettlement and case management services to refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as to people with disability and children who require out-of-home care.
  • Transgender Victoria: for its dedication to achieving justice, equity and quality health and community services for transgender people, their partners, families and friends. 
  • No FGM Australia:  a non-profit organisation aimed at stopping female genital mutilation (FGM) in Australia.
  • Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS): For over 25 years, RACS has been protecting and advocating for human rights for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees through the provision of legal advice, case management and representation; community education; outreach services to partner organisations; and advocacy for systemic reform.